[Usergroups] [Product-Developers] Early Bird Deco Explorers Needed - Idea of setting up "Plone HandsOn Meetings"

Geir Bækholt plone at baekholt.com
Thu Feb 24 06:29:46 UTC 2011

On 21-01-2011 13:57, Armin Stroß-Radschinski wrote:
> " Plone HandsOn Meetings"
> The concept
> A typical starting/primer topic can be coming together and setting up
> Deco buildouts, Configuring Dexterity Types TTW and do some
> roundtripping development in the filesystem. Then styling this output
> with Diazo in the next steps should be a great experience either you are
> already a Plone infected person or curious.
> In fact the difference to a "workshop" like we did the last years on the
> FrOSCon conferences is not that great, but changing the name changes the
> audience.
> The didactic base for these sessions could be a web-platform containing
> screencasts, slides and prezies etc. to be reused as entry lessions.
> This is "chain reaction ware". Every effort invested in this direction
> should pay back and increase the community spreading factor from linear
> to logarithmic.

For encouraging use of new technologies, this is a good idea. I think 
the best places to do something like this is is probably in conjunction 
with user group meetings or broadly targeted conferences where there 
might be people just interested but not core.

Geir Bækholt

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