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Boos, Paul M. PAUL.M.BOOS at saic.com
Sat Oct 21 13:06:28 UTC 2006

I would agree - we lately reached out to the Laszlo community by
co-sponsoring a Sprint and it generated some interest from Laszlo folks to
learn about Plone.  But more needs to occur, as it was still a Plone-centric
Sprint (although we actually got into a considerable amount of Laszlo


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Subject: [ZPUGDC] Fwd: [cmpros] Boston Members - Report on plone user group
and call for interest in Boston CM/ECM meetup

I thought other Plone user groups might be interested in this recent
development happening in Boston... (see Russ' email below to the CM Pros
mailing list)

I think the Plone community could in general be better about reaching out to
other user groups and inviting them to come and learn about Plone. 

Russ suggested inviting the MySQL user group to a Plone meeting and make the
topic, "How to use get Plone to talk to MySQL". We had a guy from the Ruby
user group show up last night, and there are often folks from the Python
user group who come to learn about Plone. 

Thoughts, other ideas? We can continue this discussion at the Plone
Conference - i think there is even a BoF about Plone user groups.


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Subject: [cmpros] Boston Members - Report on plone user group and call for
interest in Boston CM/ECM meetup 
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ATTN Boston, MA Members:

This Month's Boston Plone User Group hosted at the Christian Science Monitor
was very interesting.  We don't use plone but it is great to a be a part a
group of such talented individuals (Several members of CMPros) engaged in
web content managment and open source. 

To night we looked at a number of new functionalities Developed by Nate Aune
and he collegues for managing multi media within the plone system.

We also looked at plone functionality called smart folders.  Smart folders
are an awesome capability of plone which allows dynamic / adaptive
organizations to be genereated on the fly.  Seth Gottlieb (
http://contenthere.blogspot.com/ <http://contenthere.blogspot.com/> ) posted
a blog on an article "There is no Folder"  by Jonah Bossewitch
<http://contenthere.blogspot.com/2006/05/there-is-no-folder.html> . Which
highlights the power in this kind of functionality. If you haven't had a
chance to check it out, do so its good stuff.

One of the things we were discussing after the meeting was the thought of
finding individuals in the Boston area to participate in a Content
Management User Group.  My organization (The CS Monitor) uses alfresco, the
great gang we hosted tonight uses Plone,  Seth does it all :)  Although we
are all using different products we have many of the same issues.  I'd be
interested to know who in the boston area would be interested in forming a
general CM/ECM user group.  Since many of us meet for other usergroups it
may not make sense to meet each month, maybe ee could meet maybe once a

If you are in boston, or close to boston, and are interested send me an
email.  I think I can find some wiki space to coordinate something if there
is interest.

Best Regards,

Russ Danner
CS Monitor 
rdanner617 at comcast.net <mailto:rdanner617 at comcast.net> 

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