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Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed Nov 22 20:56:19 UTC 2006

Joel Burton wrote:
> On the other hand, TriZPUG, for example, has been successful at moving 
> around... but I assume it takes some explaining for people to show up at the 
> right place ;)

It's true we do move our meetings around. But we move in a *regular 
rotation* between the same places and this rotation is fairly well 
documented on our front page and email list. Everybody seems to 
understand it fairly well. Scheduling meetings well in advance helps 
with this also.

We find we have to do this because we are so spread out geographically. 
This affects many group meetings in the Triangle area, and not just 
TriZPUG. TriZPUG used to meet at one place in Raleigh only. When it got 
to the point that most of our membership was from Chapel Hill and they 
were all driving 80 miles round trip for meetings, or 60 miles round 
trip from Durham, we decided to rotate around.

All this can be solved by simply observing the shotgun rules for meetings.


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