[Usergroups] Post-conference group agitation

Joel Burton joel at joelburton.com
Wed Nov 1 15:57:34 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 01 November 2006 7:54 am, Alex Clark wrote:

>  UG TIP #1: Always schedule a block of meeting presenters at once
>  to reduce stress and workload. For example it's November now,
>  try to schedule January - June 2007 at one time to get it over
>  with!
> I though this was a great tip (thank you whoever said this) and
> I'm working on doing that right now for my PUG!

That was Andrew (of Seattle PUG).

Re-introducing ourselves, hello, everyone, I'm Joel, and I helped start and 
help run the DC and SF user groups.

My tip:

Try really hard to be welcoming to new people. (Notice who comes back and who 
doesn't to remind yourself of how important this is). Avoid "in-conversation" 
vibes. Avoid assuming people know who "limi" is, or what the "foundation" is, 
or other things that can just make people feel already out of it. If you're 
not a natural welcomer, find an extrovert in your group, and see if they can 
help you with this.


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