[Plone-UI] Plone Mosaic Sprint Barcelona June 10 - 13

Guido Stevens guido.stevens at cosent.net
Tue May 13 11:52:47 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Following on from the discussions at Plone Open Garden 2014 in Sorrento, 
we've organized a sprint dedicated to modernize the rendering model for 
pages in Plone.

We want to create a single 2-D (grid) layout engine that offers page 
composition and responsive reflow across devices, to replace the current 
situation of multiple 1-D (column) renderers that composite into just a 
single non-responsive (desktop) page layout.

Since Monday 9th is a holiday, the sprint runs from Tuesday 10 June 
until Friday 13 June (inclusive). The sprint will be held in the 
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · Barcelona. Low-cost accomodation 
is available.

See the event page for location info and tech goals.

Thanks to Ramon and Victor for hosting this sprint!

Let's do something spectacular, under a spectacular sun! :-)

     Guido Stevens  |  +31.43.3618933  |  http://cosent.nl

     s o c i a l   k n o w l e d g e   t e c h n o l o g y

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