[Plone-UI] Hello world

Lewis Dexter Litanzios / Netsight lewis at netsight.co.uk
Mon Jun 16 10:53:14 UTC 2014


Hope you're all good

I just subscribed to this list, so thought I'd introduce myself and 
check this feed is working :)

I've recently joined http://www.netsight.co.uk/ in a UxD role, so I'll 
be working with Plone UI for the foreseeable future; aiming to improve 
user experience

I just returned from the Plone Mosaic sprint in Barcelona - privilege to 
meet such passionate individuals collaborating to something bigger than 

As well as this list, I'm wondering if there are any other useful 
Plone-related UxD resources/lists/forums (accessibility, design, 
development [client-side/front-end], interface, UI, usability, UX, UxD 

Also be interested to hear everyone's process for working with Plone 
design ~ https://twitter.com/ldexterldesign/status/476759455150137344 ?

Yours hopefully,

Lewis Dexter Litanzios, UxD
lewis at netsight.co.uk
+44 1179 090 901

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