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Dylan Jay djay at pretaweb.com
Thu Nov 21 17:30:46 UTC 2013

On 22 Nov 2013 04:17, "Lennart Regebro" <regebro at gmail.com> wrote:
> Here are the use cases/requirements for whatever default theme Plone
> should have from my perspective, in order of priority:
> 1. Look good when people try out/demo Plone. This includes being
> reasonably lightweight and support mobile devices.
> 2. Be clear and easy to use for those who do not want to change the
> theme, or when you don't want to map in the edit bar with Diazo.
> 3. Generate HTML that is easy to map into a theme with Diazo.
> 4. Have a customizable logo.
> 5. And preferably easily customizable colors.
> Until plone.app.toolbar becomes stable:
> 6. Be able to map into Diazo *with editing support* without driving you
> I think Sunburst did well on everything except 5 and 6. A new theme
> that has even better mobile support and does better at 5 and 6 would
> be awesome. I don't think that the requirement that it should be easy
> to customize and change the CSS is relevant any longer. It was for
> Sunburst, but now we have Diazo. If you don't like the default theme,
> then don't use it.

Except the new theme is for plone 5 so toolbar will be included so no need
for it to support editing in the theme

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