[Plone-UI] [Plone-developers] Plone 5 Theme

Timo Stollenwerk tisto at plone.org
Mon Nov 18 16:44:44 UTC 2013

Am 18.11.2013 17:31, schrieb Rok Garbas:
> Quoting Timo Stollenwerk (2013-11-18 16:44:16)
>> Am 18.11.2013 16:23, schrieb Ramon Navarro Bosch:
>>> Mainly for two reasons:
>>> * In most of our use cases the client prefers no modals ( there is a lot
>>> of content edition and they love to see the edit and the view with the
>>> same skin )
>> + 100
>> Not having a separation between backend and frontend has always been one
>> of the biggest selling points of the Plone UI. As far as I can tell
>> other CMSes are trying to get rid of that separation for a good reason.
> i think we talked already about this. separation is only from techical point of
> view. from UI point of view its shown on the same page.

This will not work automatically, right? You still have to adapt the CSS
to get the same styles (merge it into the backend styles). If you want
the same experience as we have now, we either have to adapt the size of
the overlay (which is quite hard I think, especially if page layouts
differ) or we have to use full size overlays which will not show any
other parts of the site.

>> We are about to go into the opposite direction "to make theming easier"
>> (which was the original point of p.a.toolbar if I recall correctly).
>> Though, according to Ramon and what I saw so far theming will become
>> more complicated with p.a.toolbar.
> not sure where you got that. but if you're referring to plonetheme.barceloneta
> then that theme is not a regular theme since its built using mockup patterns.
> which requires knowledge how to work with patterns.
> for theme to work one or two lines of rules will be needed for p.a.toolbar to
> work. thats how it was designed.
>>> * In most of our use cases the client needs specific edit forms (skinned
>>> and layout) so it's common that we need to skin also the backend and the
>>> edit forms layout.
>> Same here. Right now I can't imaging to use p.a.toolbar/modals (again)
>> for my customer projects (for UI as well as technical reasons that I
>> pointed out before) and I would really like to see a Plone 5 where I'm
>> not forced to use overlays.
> that is going to be possible.

That's all I ask for. :)


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