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Ramon Navarro Bosch ramon.nb at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 11:56:44 UTC 2012

On 8 March 2012 12:22, Martin Aspeli <optilude+lists at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Ok, so some answers here. I still need to digest Denys' comments.
> First off, I think the mockup is great. :)
> On 8 March 2012 10:44, Ramon Navarro Bosch <ramon.nb at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I've shown it to our designers in order to recive feedback, they said to
> me
> > :
> >
> > * It's now understable how the mapper works, the feeling that you can
> choose
> > the elements on content and theme makes you feel that you can assign
> rules
> > only saving the elements and is not easy to understand.
> >
> > * One suggestion they made is  not showing the rules files by default,
> just
> > show the new rules button, then the two screens of origin-theme , with
> the
> > result at the end and a option of where you want to store the new rule (
> a
> > list of levels on the rule's xml so you decide to add it on the
> > visual-wrapper, ... any other point.
> I think it makes sense to show it at the bottom. I am nervous about
> hiding it. The Diazo rules syntax is sufficiently flexible that any
> scheme to hide this could lead to unexpected behaviour, even broken
> themes, with little or no ability for the user to understand.
> Making it possible to build themes entirely through point-and-click is
> a laudable goal. However, it's going to need to be the next version of
> this, and Diazo itself will likely need to evolve somewhat for this to
> be possible in a safe way. The mapper is there to *help* you build the
> theme, not take away all need to understand Diazo. That's also why we
> put in the inline help.

Just maybe it would be a better idea to show a tree of rules instead of the
rules files by itself. There should be always the option to see the rules
file, but maybe a tree representing the rules whould be a nicer way to
understant the rules file.

> > * The option to add the rule with conditional
> We could add this as text input, maybe, but I don't know how to make a
> UI for all the different types of conditions. It also gets complex
> because you'd often put conditions on a nested <rules /> element.
> Again, this is where you as a themer need to have some understanding
> of how Diazo works and make some choices about how you structure your
> rules. A system like Plone - and most static web designs - are simply
> too complex to make simple point-and-click anything more than a neat
> technology demo.
> > * On the new rule option should be a first option of which kind of rule,
> new
> > static file, ...
> What is 'new static file'?

I mean a new static theme file ( a .html file ). I thought if there should
be the option to change the theme file depending on the kind of object, the
path, section.

> > * There should be an option to see the rules file ( that is on the
> editor )
> > so people dont' get messed with it.
> Maybe an option to temporarily hide it? Or having it appear minimized
> but opening when necessary? I want to make it quite clear that there
> is that file there, and that the file is very important to how the
> theme works.

great !

> Martin

Ramon a.k.a bloodbare
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