[Plone-UI] PLIP 12227: In-Plone Theme Editor

Martin Aspeli optilude+lists at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 20:07:20 UTC 2012

On 26 June 2012 17:38, Elaine <elaine at ssc.ucla.edu> wrote:
> Hi Martin!
> I work on Alice’s team and I am writing to give some feedback on the theme
> mapper. BTW, great job, we are so impressed with what you did and for your
> gracious attitude about getting feedback.
> We are somewhat perplexed by the discrepancies in how the theme mapper
> behaves if one is working on a theme installed through buildout or if one is
> working on a theme imported as a zip file.

Ok, I think this is quite simple:

You can't edit files on the filesystem through Plone (this is a
security thing, and probably not something we ever want to support,
even if it may be technically possible).

So, with a filesystem theme (in a Python package or from the
resources/theme/* directory in a buildout) you can't see the file
manager and you the theme mapper operates in readonly mode.

This may be useful if you are building the theme on the filesystem and
want to use the rule builder and highlighter to figure out what rules
to use, but you can't actually modify anything.

It is also currently the only way you get a preview without applying
the theme (although that'll change soon).

I appreciate this probably isn't obvious. :) Suggestions?

> Let me try to explain. Please go to this link for a complete explanation
> with screenshots:
> http://www.sscnet.ucla.edu/ssc/blakeman/p-a-theme-mapper/Theme-Mapper-Feedback.htm

Awesome! I really appreciate this type of feedback.

Once we've completed this work, I was going to ask: Would you and your
team be interested in playing this type of test/UI review/UI
suggestion role for other Plone proposals/beta software? I think the
value-add is immense, and it's something we've been wanting to make
happen for a long time.


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