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alicetseng atseng at it.ucla.edu
Mon Jun 25 05:05:53 UTC 2012

Hi Martin, Eric, all:

Here's a zip with a set of:

  1.  feedback notes of mine + the groups responses to Martin's wireframes
  2.  a set of wireframes I started, to sketch out some ideas raised by the first set and group responses
  3.  The same survey responses, re-colated into problem patterns and more actionable language

A few disclaimers:
I'd take my wireframes with a huge grain of salt — as due to my workshop at the end of the week I had to have folks email me their responses and I ended up
doing a big dose of interpretation in my wireframes. So .. I'll bring these sketches to them this Thursday to get more feedback but I wanted to get you something
so not to hold you up. I put the other's comments in one section as direct quotes separate from my comments, so in case I got any interpretations wrong — I can reference back with them.They also are not annotated in full — this took much longer than I anticipated!

I tried to group the survey data into some rough patterns with some suggestions for actionable solutions to the issues raised by the surveys.
I saw that in the PLIP there were a lot of lines that weren't "actionable" so this is my attempt at doing some interpretation and pitching some ideas.
It's a super rough pass — and you'd really be better off by getting more user feedback (4 is a very small set) -- but with our small group there seemed to be one clear pattern with 2 types of user stories developing. So … hopefully it's a rough start for you.


> Just a quick follow up. I'm working on parsing through the feedback from
> the workgroup. I'm on a business trip this week and wasn't able to make
> the meeting with folks so they sent me their responses via email
> individually. It's taking me a bit longer to parse through things this way.
> I've got a few other things I need to finish up for work today-and I'll
> get a chance to post something to you guys this weekend.
> Apologies for the delay. I should have a set for you guys by Sunday.
> Cheers,
> alice
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