[Plone-UI] PLIP 12227: In-Plone Theme Editor

Tseng-Planas, Alice atseng at it.ucla.edu
Fri Jun 22 22:42:39 UTC 2012

Hi Martin, Eric, Everyone...

>> I'll post a complete follow-up on Friday morning with the group's notes
>> this thread. Sorry for the lag ‹ we only meet once a week on Thursdays
>>as we
>> all work for different departments.
>No, that timing works for me. Thanks!

Just a quick follow up. I'm working on parsing through the feedback from
the workgroup. I'm on a business trip this week and wasn't able to make
the meeting with folks so they sent me their responses via email
individually. It's taking me a bit longer to parse through things this way.

I've got a few other things I need to finish up for work today-and I'll
get a chance to post something to you guys this weekend.
Apologies for the delay. I should have a set for you guys by Sunday.


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