[Plone-UI] Folder's view

Jorge Piera Llodrá jorge at tractrac.com
Tue Jun 19 12:04:58 UTC 2012

Hi list.

I've installed an instance of the latest version of Plone (4.1.4 at 
31/05/2012) and I would like to change the template to display some 
documents. I have a user manual and I would like to display in the main 
page the content like an index of documents like:

- folder 1
  - subfolder 1.1
   - document 1.1.1
  - subfolder 1.2
   - document 1.2.1
   - document 1.2.2
- folder 2
  - subfolder 2.1
   - document 2.1.3

I've found a Plone web site [1] that uses this template.

I've also found an explication in stackoverflow [2]. I've follow the 
example and I'm able to add a new template to display the contents but 
it doesn't display the content like I would like.

Any idea about it?



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