[Plone-UI] PLIP 12227: In-Plone Theme Editor

Tseng-Planas, Alice atseng at it.ucla.edu
Thu Jun 14 20:29:42 UTC 2012

Hi Martin, Eric and All,

As promised, here's some initial feedback from our workgroup on the
Plone.App.Theming product and the Theme Mapper.
I'm attaching a zip file with a summary of our discussion and some
detailed surveys that 4 members filled out who were new
to the Mapper.

Overall -- I'd say that there are 2 types of folks in our group
(experienced with Plone) and (experienced with Web but new to Plone).
Those who were new to Plone tended to want to use the combo method --
actually using the theme-mapper to build a theme and learn Plone's
structure. Those who already knew Plone wanted to just import and make
direct changes in the html/css file structure.

Everyone wanted the Theme-Mapper's interface to work better/be better laid
out in order to use it more as a tool (for the combo method) to build
themes (not just an inspector).

Hope this helps.


On 5/12/12 1:18 PM, "Martin Aspeli" <optilude+lists at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Martin Aspeli wrote
>>> Feedback and support,especially with CSS and/or graphics as well as
>>> mock-ups or functional suggestions and hands-on testing, would be
>>> appreciated.
>> Our workgroup meets once a week with 4 dedicated members + 4 more that
>> participate when they can. Perhaps we can begin with a first-impression
>> gloss of the new build? Many of us a coming to this with very fresh eyes
>> maybe that's the most helpful at this point. I'll talk to the group this
>> week -- let us know if there are specific areas of the project you're
>> interested in getting feedback for.
>That'd be great!
>Initial impressions are very valuable. Let's start there.
>One thing I'm keen to understand is whether designers (and/or
>evaluators) would consider building a theme entirely inside Plone
>(using a combination of the file manager and the theme mapper) or if
>it's always going to be about filesystem import.

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