[Plone-UI] Nested collection removal in Plone 4.0/4.2

Timo Stollenwerk lists at zmag.de
Tue Jun 12 05:30:12 UTC 2012

Hi Geir,

Am 11.06.2012 20:15, schrieb Geir Bækholt:
> On 11. juni 2012, at 15:24, Nathan Van Gheem wrote:
>> I can see the use-case for nested collections and think I used them
>> myself in the past also but I also see how it might seem a little
>> silly to have collections as a container.
> I think i was at least partially responsible for not including that "feature" in Collections 2. 
> The main reasoning being that the behavior from nested collection is not intuitive nor particularly logical — and users simply do  not  understand how it is supposed to work. 

I think it absolutely makes sense to remove functionality that is not
intuitive and the (old) collections were a UI nightmare. I always used
nested collections to model a taxonomy and it is really hard to for a
user to understand that a sub collection does not inherit the search
criteria from the parent collection.

> We also couldn't find a single example of people actually using that behavior in a real site — nor any single user that understood how it worked. Collections are already too difficult for most users.

At least Nathan and I were using nested collections. ;)

Though, I think we all agree that it does not make sense to have this
functionality in core right now. Thanks for the clarification.


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