[Plone-UI] Nested collection removal in Plone 4.0/4.2

Timo Stollenwerk lists at zmag.de
Mon Jun 11 09:16:32 UTC 2012


I was wondering why the nested collection feature has been first removed
from the UI in Plone 4.0 and now will be entirely removed in Plone 4.2.

Hanno wrote that "Sub-collections have indeed been removed from the UI
on purpose for Plone 4." here:


Could somebody shed some light into the exact (UI) reasons for this?

The new plone.app.collection type in Plone 4.2 will not be a folderish
type, so it will be impossible to have nested collections in Plone 4.2
any longer (at least without subclassing the collection class):


The old topic type was folderish:


Is this intentional?

I'm asking because I wrote the dexterity-based plone.app.collection
(http://pypi.python.org/pypi/plone.app.collection/2.0b1) for a specific
project where we now need nested collections. Therefore I would like to
make the collection type folderish at least for plone.app.collection 2.x.

I don't know if plone.app.collection 2.x will ever become part of Plone
core (this is another discussion). It would be a bit strange to first
remove a feature and then re-add it at a later point though.


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