[Plone-UI] Ticket #11983 - Plone Tune-Up Jan 20: Accessibility

Matt Barkau matt.barkau.psu at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 21:55:31 UTC 2012

Before next week's tune-up, I'd like to request some feedback on ticket
#11983, Link styling for better accessibility.

Although there are benefits for both accessibility and mobile use, some of
the changes proposed will probably affect other deployed themes which
depend on either of the stock Plone themes.  This ticket however only
affects css, with no structural changes.

Any thoughts on this proposed changes?

Is there a preferred point in the release cycle to make changes which
visually (but not structurally) affect the default themes, such as a dot


Matt Barkau
WebLion Group - http://weblion.psu.edu

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