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About the location of 'global add' - I'd prefer to have it in the edit 
bar. I think of edit bar as "the nice green thing that lets me manage my 
content". I know it's also context oriented, but I don't think global 
add breaks this considerably.


On 12/23/2012 12:11 PM, Alberto Lopes wrote:
> +1 on the "global add" idea, and the location field on the add/edit 
> form, defaulted to the context.
> However, I would not put the "global add" option in the add item menu.
> I feel like the edit bar follows a semantic in which everything you 
> click on it applies to the current context. If the add menu included 
> the global add option, that semantic would be inconsistent.
> Besides, I think it could confuse inexperienced editors, which would 
> see unrestricted content types on both the "add here" and the "global 
> add" menu.
> My suggestion would be to leave the "add item" menu as it is now and 
> to include the "global add" in the site actions area along with the 
> site setup and dashboard links.
> That way, it is accessible from anywhere in the site and does not 
> break the edit bar semantics.
> Em 23/12/2012 04:42, "Christian Ledermann" 
> <christian.ledermann at gmail.com <mailto:christian.ledermann at gmail.com>> 
> escreveu:
>     +1 this is a common use case
>     On Dec 23, 2012 6:47 AM, "Dylan Jay" <djay at pretaweb.com
>     <mailto:djay at pretaweb.com>> wrote:
>         Hi,
>         We came up with this idea over PretaWeb drinks on Friday.
>         Thoughts?
>         Anyone interested in seconding?
>         Proposer: Dylan jay
>         Seconded:
>         Motivation
>         --------------
>         Many times custom types are only designed to be added in a certain
>         place, or you may want restrict built in types to limited
>         places in
>         your site. In such cases plone is harder work than it should
>         be to add
>         a new item. You have know where to add it, browse to that
>         location,
>         often with a nav designed for exploring not fast access, then
>         you can
>         select from the menu. We've seen installs with lots of place
>         specific
>         types where training is needed to teach where to add each type.
>         Proposal
>         ------------
>         Instead, add new menu can be decided into two sections, add here,
>         global add.  "Global add" includes any type not in "add here"
>         All add forms will have a path/location field. If you click
>         global add
>         you can select from available locations using this field
>         (perhaps with
>         sensible default). If only one location in site, this will be read
>         only. If item addable in current folder then context will be
>         default.
>         Some type might need to be excluded from global add like pfg
>         types.
>         Adding location field to types makes plone more familiar to
>         users of
>         other CMs and also allows a user to change their mind on where it
>         should go as they are creating content. It could also be a URL
>         field
>         where uses could enter folders that don't exist and they will be
>         added. This also allows setting short name.
>         Assumptions
>         -----------------
>         Deliverables
>         -----------------
>         - New add menu implementation
>         - modify standard metadata on standard types so forms include path
>         field. Or else use schemaextender. Modify dexterity to do same.
>         - widget for path with browse button and editable path.
>         - Change the way factory creation works in AT and dexterity to
>         allow
>         creation in different folder.
>         Risks
>         --------
>         Add menu could get long. Could be mitigated having a more
>         button or scroll list.
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