[Plone-UI] Plip. Placeless adding

Dylan Jay djay at pretaweb.com
Sun Dec 23 03:46:59 UTC 2012


We came up with this idea over PretaWeb drinks on Friday. Thoughts?
Anyone interested in seconding?

Proposer: Dylan jay


Many times custom types are only designed to be added in a certain
place, or you may want restrict built in types to limited places in
your site. In such cases plone is harder work than it should be to add
a new item. You have know where to add it, browse to that location,
often with a nav designed for exploring not fast access, then you can
select from the menu. We've seen installs with lots of place specific
types where training is needed to teach where to add each type.

Instead, add new menu can be decided into two sections, add here,
global add.  "Global add" includes any type not in "add here"
All add forms will have a path/location field. If you click global add
you can select from available locations using this field (perhaps with
sensible default). If only one location in site, this will be read
only. If item addable in current folder then context will be default.
Some type might need to be excluded from global add like pfg types.
Adding location field to types makes plone more familiar to users of
other CMs and also allows a user to change their mind on where it
should go as they are creating content. It could also be a URL field
where uses could enter folders that don't exist and they will be
added. This also allows setting short name.


- New add menu implementation
- modify standard metadata on standard types so forms include path
field. Or else use schemaextender. Modify dexterity to do same.
- widget for path with browse button and editable path.
- Change the way factory creation works in AT and dexterity to allow
creation in different folder.

Add menu could get long. Could be mitigated having a more button or scroll list.

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