[Plone-UI] UI request - integrating p.a.theming editor and file manager

Martin Aspeli optilude+lists at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 07:25:53 UTC 2011

On 15 September 2011 04:21, Nathan Van Gheem <
nathan.vangheem at wildcardcorp.com> wrote:

> You're right. We can just use this and rip parts out of it and put
> them into the new layout once we move to it. This simplifies things
> also since you pretty much have it all implemented already.
> So, for this iteration, are we okay with just having a "Manage Files"
> link. Then, the file manager would have an "Edit" button and use an
> overlay to display the ACE editor?

I would prefer your tabs based mockup, but I don't know how much harder that

My only concern with an overlay is that we still need a way to work on
multiple files at once before saving both, I think.

> If there aren't any objections to that plan, I'll finish it up that way.

I have no objections to anything that gets us a step closer to a finished
implementation. ;-)

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