[Plone-UI] [Plone-developers] Should we integrate ACE into p.a.theming?

Martin Aspeli optilude+lists at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 09:25:31 UTC 2011


On 6 September 2011 04:36, Jon Stahl <jonstahl at gmail.com> wrote:

> This is really excellent.  Here are my initial bits of feedback, in no
> particular order:
> 1) When saving a file, I'm returned to a blank screen.  I expected to
> be returned to the file I am editing.

Yeah - it reload the whole page and doesn't remember which file you have
open. I think that's fixable, though.

> 2) The "dirty" asterisk seems to get set when you simply load a file
> in the editor, before you even make any changes.  I expected it to
> only be set when I actually make a change to the file.

It fetches the content and puts it in a hidden textarea when you select it.
I think we could probably mark that dirty or not on first edit, it's just a
bit more fiddly. I don't want to submit a changed field if it's not there.

> 3) I was surprised to not be able to edit existing third-party themes
> I'd loaded into my test site.  I'd think that tweaking an existing
> canned theme would be one of the most-requested use-cases for this
> capability.

You should able to edit anything that's in the ZODB (but not on the
filesystem). Can you give me a reproducible test case?

> 4) Following on the previous point... I do think we should probably
> try to do full create/delete/rename/upload (maybe not copy/move) file
> support for at least images, CSS and JS.  Think if I want to use an
> existing theme, but add my own logo.  :-)

Agree. I just don't want to build the Finder into this. ;-) I wonder if
there's some kind of widget or UI we can reuse.

> 5) If anyone ever gets around to properly tackling the "banjo" concept
> for point-and-click Diazo rule building, this control panel would be
> the obvious place to bolt it on. ;-)

Indeed. I don't want to do that now, but this is one step in that direction.

> 6) I wanted to be able to rename my finished theme from "Jon Test"

We could probably support this. Changing the title is easy (edit
manifest.cfg). Changing the id a bit more fiddly.

> 7) I wasn't sure what commands are available in the editor; I
> discovered https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace/wiki/Default-Keyboard-Shortcuts,
> but wished there was a link to it somewhere (or its contents were
> reproduced).

Good point.

> More as I think of it.  I think folks are going to LOVE this.  I'd
> love to see this approach used for all our "TTW code editing" features
> in the future.

Certainly it can be generalised.

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