[Plone-UI] ATContentTypes constraintypes defaults and custom FTI problems

privat at adies.de privat at adies.de
Mon Oct 24 23:02:38 UTC 2011

Hi there!

i found an issue in the behavior of the content types.
I used the ZMI to duplicate an existing content type: Folder.
Then i adjusted the settings and used it in the members area to hold
images only.
This should be a common use case of plone so i was suprised that my new
content type is broken.

The issue is that you can't add any new items to the folderish type in
edit menu.
Its empty now.

There is a bug asociated to this problem already:
(but its closed)

The problem is the setting "filter content types" . If we can set a
content type filter in the ZMI then the default setting of the new
folderish type should be restricted by "use standard" instead of "acquire
from parent folder". I needed days to try and error this in my case and a
plone developer in chat helped me.

Please discuss this default behavior and reopen the bug or change the
default to a better choice or redefine.



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