[Plone-UI] Improving CMSUI toolbar w/metadata + edit bar + notifications

Alex Limi limi at plone.org
Mon Jul 18 19:06:31 UTC 2011

I've done a pass at improving the grouping and display of the toolbar and
related stuff, and I'm starting to get pretty happy with it. Did this as an
HTML prototype, so I'm aware that not everything lines up pixel-perfect, but
should be a decent representation. The goal was to avoid the collapse/expand
all the time, and surface relevant information as part of the UI.

As a reminder, here's current CMSUI:

[image: Screen%20shot%202011-07-17%20at%2023.13.08.png]

I moved the global actions to the site bar, added metadata panel on the
right, notification bar on the bottom, and tightened up the space usage a
bit (although we probably want to add a few more pixels). I also added more
icons to the item=specific bar see how it scales:

[image: Screen%20shot%202011-07-17%20at%2023.08.58.png]

With the visual editor / Deco tile UI, it could look something like this
(again, don't read too much into the implementation of the buttons):

[image: Screen%20shot%202011-07-17%20at%2023.10.10.png]

…and as a final experiment, here's how it could look with a single-line UI —
didn't add all the icons, but you get the point:

[image: Screen%20shot%202011-07-17%20at%2021.56.19.png]

Feedback welcome. :)

Alex Limi · +limi <http://profiles.google.com/limi> · @limi · limi.net
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