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Brad Krause moses.drayne at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 17:04:54 UTC 2011

Long time lurker, first time poster.
RE:  http://yukaii.com/data/plone-tinymce/plone-imglink-ul-02b-list.png

   1. Should "Add An Image" be "Add A New Image To The Current Folder"?
   Would an End User consider this process adding a New Image in their
   workflow? Would the footnote describing the folder placement of the new
   image be needed with this change?
   2. Could it be obvious that the image will originate on the computer or
   hard drive? What is the point of this wording? Size warnings or valid file
   types might be more useful?
   3. I can see adding more than one image as useful, often images are
   prepared in groups and uploading them as a group is more streamlined. But
   the option of deleting a specific image, as it is held in cue, prior to
   uploading, would add reversibility to the selection without canceling the
   whole process?
   4. Would it make more sense to lead with the Preview, followed by the
   listing of existing images, rather than "Add Image"? It would seem over
   time, end users will be scanning existing images to insert more often than
   adding new images. This would also display the breadcrumbs to the end user
   prior to the "Add a New Image To The Current Folder" language.
   5. Leading with the Preview, on the far left, and having it directly over
   the Insert Image button may better facilitate the review of the selection
   prior to committal by the End User? Imagine adding the same image to several
   places; a common task. Having the preview immediately on the left, showing
   the last selection, with the Insert Image button below? No distraction by
   the end user as they update an image in several places.

So, basically, I think a mirror image of this layout will add to
functionality for the end user and aid in reducing the need for descriptive
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