[Plone-UI] Bootstraps (not the .py kind)

Denys Mishunov denys.mishunov at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 05:59:58 UTC 2011

On Jul 16, 2011, at 7:33 AM, sisi nutt-2 [via Plone] wrote:

> Denys can't do 23:00, can we try for 22:00 or is that too late for you Denys?

As I said, 22:00 is the end border time when I can have a phone call, so if we start at 22:00 I will, probably, not be able to participate. On the other hand 21:00 might work for me. 20:00 is the best, but I think it might not fit other people. The problem is that I will have to make the phone call from the office and getting back and forth on the bicycle in the evening, somehow, doesn't look tempting to me :) I can not have the phone call from home — don't have enough space to not disturb my sleeping daughter.

So, you, guys, decide what fits better for the majority and I will see whether I can join or not.

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Denys Mishunov

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