[Plone-UI] meeting notes from the 24th of August

sisi nutt pudsah at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 20:01:29 UTC 2011

24th August 2011


Mark, Sisi
Eric, Denys, Rob, Nathan, Alex and Geir were absent

Issues discussed

Because we were a small team at this weeks meeting, we had a very nice
short meeting of ten minutes. Both Mark and Sisi had not done any plip
reviews yet, Mark because of an earth quake, and Sisi because of lack
of time. Mark's excuse was way better.

Mark indicated that he had time this coming week to work on a plip
review, and since there are two plips that need reviewing still for
the upcoming release, Mark and Sisi have split them.

Sisi is going to continue with #9352, improved search results:

Mark is going to work on #11880, plone.app.themeing:

Obviously if anyone from the team also wants to review, please do so!

We decided since attendance has been slim the last couple of meetings
that we should probably go to our intended fortnightly meetings,
rather than having another meeting next week again (If there are plip
reviews before next wednesday we can always schedule in an extra
meeting. Mark can also schedule calliflower calls if needed).

So the next meeting will be the 7th of September.

Notes from all meetings are here:


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