[Plone-UI] meeting notes from August 17, 2011

Denys Mishunov denys.mishunov at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 20:01:45 UTC 2011


Eric, Sisi, Denys. 
Mark was lurking.
Rob, Nathan, Alex, Geir were absent.

Issues discussed

Sisi set up EtherPad for the UI team meetings. The team member should have got the invitations. We could start using it from the next week for taking meeting notes during the meeting or sharing files or something else productive we can come up with..

PLIPs reviews
The remaining PLIP 9352 should be fixed (by Denys) and reviewed (by Sisi). 
Review of #10902 has been updated based on the previous meeting's conclusions. The notification has been sent to the FWT and to the PLIP's ticket. The PLIP's integrator didn't yet have time to sort out the review and act.

Plone Accessibility Tune-Up
Friday, August 19 there is going to be a Plone Tune-Up, targeting the accessibility of Plone. It would be great if UI team member could be at least be preset on IRC (#plone-tuneup). If the member could participate for real by doing something or helping others it would be even better.

Next meeting

Wednesday, August 24th, 21:30 CET. Eric sends the calliflower invitations to the team.

Thank you for the meeting.
Best regards,
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