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Thu Aug 11 06:36:45 UTC 2011


I have decided to send these short notes from our yesterday's meeting as a summary of what has been discussed. Geir (as he said during the meeting), if he has time to do more extensive report, or anybody else from the team is encouraged to add/edit if this report is missing anything.

Eric, Mark, Geir, Sisi, Denys. 
Rob, Nathan and Alex were absent.

The purpose of the meeting
During the previous meeting it has been agreed that the UI team should concentrate on the PLIP reviews that got into Plone 4.2 core before the final release.
It has been suggested for the team members to check the merged PLIPs and have some opinions on them before this meeting. Google spreadsheet with the merged PLIPs has been created:
Turned out that only 2 PLIPs really need UI team involvement:
	- Improved Search Results
	- New Collections

Denys reviewed the 'New Collections' PLIP, added the review in .txt format to 4.2 buildout and notified the PLIP owners by the comment in the PLIP itself.
Sisi, checked the review and had some comments, discussed during the meeting.

'Improved Search Results' PLIP has not been reviewed but has been developed and integrated by Denys. Sisi volunteered for the review (by the next meeting?). Found one bug during the meeting that Denys volunteered to fix :)

Decisions made during the meeting
	1. General process decisions:
		- The outcome of the UI team's review process is the collective review, not individual reviews as it is in the Framework Team.
		- The UI team still makes reviews of the PLIPs as individuals though, but according to the process, defined below.
		- Once a PLIP is reviewed by a UI team member, the reviewer sends a notification to the UI team mailing list. Discussion of the PLIP/review is happening in the mailing list prior to the meeting. 
		- The team makes the decision on a PLIP during a meeting based on the previous discussions happened in the mailing list.

	2. Actionable decisions on the 'New Collections' PLIP:
		- We convert the Denys' review of the 'New Collections' PLIP into a collective UI team review with additional notes about 'Text' block of the search criteria selector
		- During the meeting we found one bug in how the selector behaves. Should be noted in the review as well
		- Additional comment about making the widgets, used by the fields, to look more "integrated" into Plone. At the moment they look like merged from some other site.
		- After the review is converted into the collective UI team's one, the note to both PLIP and the Framework team should be sent.

	3. Actionable decisions on the 'Improved Search Results' PLIP:
		- Sisi makes the review of the PLIP. Other team members are free to do so as well.

	4. Next meeting and long-term planing for the meetings
		- Next meeting is planed for the Wednesday, August 17th, 21:30 CET with the plan to have the next one in a week (Wednesday, August 24th, 21:30).
		- After the 4.2 PLIPs are reviewed we switch to "once in two weeks" or "once a month" pattern.

Next meeting
Wednesday, August 17th, 21:30 CET. Eric sends the calliflower invitations to the team.

Thank you for the meeting.

Best regards,
Denys Mishunov

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