[Plone-UI] Next UI team meeting

Denys Mishunov denys.mishunov at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 07:22:09 UTC 2011


I have created the spreadsheet 


It's a simplified copy of the one used by the FWT. I assume all in the UI team should have edit access to it by now. Though I don't have Mark's email, so he didn't get one. Mark, please, if you need the edit access to the spreadsheet, feel free to poke me. If anybody has problems with editing the document, send me your gmail's account email so that I could give the edit rights to it. In the related stuff — should we just make it publicly editable instead?

Concerning the next call. From what I can see in the Doodle — http://doodle.com/es7tdg7fdymdbnxu, even though some people still didn't put their plans in it (Alexander, Sisi and Mark, please do so. Geir is on the vacation, so will not be able to attend, I assume) seems like this Friday, August 5th at 12:00-16:00 CET or 21:30 CET is the time when most of the people (at least for now) can make it. I would like to urge those who didn't put their preferred time slots in the doodle to do so, as soon as possible. 

As a reminder — before the call we should at least check the PLIPs that made it into 4.2 (check the spreadsheet) to know what we are talking about. If you feel like reviewing any PLIP right away (that would be great), feel free to put your name into the 'UI Team reviewer' column of the spreadsheet. I don't think we need as extensive reviews as FWT has though. Since UI team has only advisory status at the moment, I think it should be sufficient to just make a list of notes with current/potential issues and, if possible, solutions to those. From what I can see, all of the tickets might benefit from the UI team review except:
	- #11880 (doesn't ship with Plone yet?)
	- #11308 (has nothing for the UI team)
Not sure about #11774.

I suggest we work with the plone 4.2 buildout (https://svn.plone.org/svn/plone/buildouts/plone-coredev/branches/4.2). Once we have anything to put into our review, we create a PLIP_NUMBER-uireview-YOUR_NAME.txt file in plips/ folder of the buildout. So, we have as close routine to FWT as possible, but with less bureaucracy in terms of compiling the review report  :)

Comments on anything above are very much welcome.

Best regards,
Denys Mishunov

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