[Plone-UI] Show news only on the frontpage?!

Geir Bækholt plone at baekholt.com
Tue Apr 5 11:14:00 UTC 2011

On 05-04-2011 12:53, madguitar_cd wrote:
> hey Bastien and Geir,
> thank for the comments. But I think I didn't explain my problem well: first
> of all, lets forget the portlet thing, then its easier. When you create a
> News-Page, a preview automatically appears on every page of your Plone-site
> that is listed in the navigation - except the frontpage (this is only where
> I needed the portlet).
> Now my question: how can I customize Plone that the preview doesn't appear
> on every page?

This is exactly the problem Bastien tried to explain to you how to solve.

There is no need to customize Plone for this.

All you need to do is to assign the news-portlet to only the front-page 
rather than to the root folder. From the root folder, the way it is 
assigned by default, it will be inherited by all other folders. If you 
assign it to only the front page, it will only show on the front page.

Steps to fix:
1) go to the root of your site, then click "manage portlets", delete the 
news portlet

2) go to the front page (check that the url is to the front page, not 
the root - it should say something like yoursite.com/front-page) and 
append @@manage-portlets to the url. You'll get to the porlet-management 
page for the front page. Add a news-portlet here.

(yes, there should be a button for this, but it has accidentally been 
left out)

Voila. This should solve your issue.

Geir Bækholt

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