[Plone-UI] How to hide a portlet (Site Setup) based on roles?

Veda Williams veda at onenw.org
Tue Sep 8 18:06:04 UTC 2009

Hm, I just added a testuser to a vanilla Plone site and clicked on the
user's name to access their preferences, and I do not see a Site Setup
portlet. It just takes me to a dashboard area with no right or left

My thought is that you probably have to modify something in the
plone.app.controlpanel egg (control-panel.pt), but I'm not sure. This might
be a question better asked on the plone-users list.


- Veda

On 9/8/09 1:02 AM, "Lars Löwenadler" <lars.lowenadler at fcc.chalmers.se>

> Hi, Plone 3.3 user here, building a site for users with the Plone "member"
> role only.
> As a member clicks Preferences on the personal bar, the member sees the Site
> Setup portlet on the left - though only the heading, not the content. When
> clicking the heading the member expectedly gets the message "Insufficient
> Privileges".
> Now, I'd like to completely hide this portlet for everyone (except managers
> like me), but I can't find the proper code nor the proper place/template to
> do it. I have 'googled' for a while now. My attempts include adding a
> condition to the page template "plone_control_panel" (but I can't get it
> right), among other random actions based on hints from the Internet.
> Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Lars

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