[Plone-UI] verticle position and height of portal-column-one, -content and -two

Veda Williams veda at onenw.org
Thu Jul 30 00:24:40 UTC 2009

>> Try looking at #portal-column-one .visualPadding  and #portal-column-two
>> .visualPadding. You probably only want padding settings on these, not
>> margins as well. I tend to apply margin settings to the parent classes, e.g.
>> #portal-column-one and #portal-column-two.
> One tiny correction i would like to add to Veda's comment. Tables in
> some way are different like a special block element. The margin
> property is ignored for table columns and cells, therefore a margin
> hover the "#portal-column-one" or "#portal-column-two" is not going to
> take effect. Aside from that, you should look at the .visualPadding
> class inside the columns as Veda mentioned.

You are right. But in a tableless world, it would work, yes?


- Veda

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