[Plone-UI] verticle position and height of portal-column-one, -content and -two

Veda Williams veda at onenw.org
Wed Jul 29 21:10:57 UTC 2009

Hi Jeanie,

On 7/29/09 1:20 PM, "Jeanie" <jeanie.schwenk at gmail.com> wrote:

> This display issue is not browser specific - I'm getting the same behavior in
> both IE and Firefox.
> I'm using the latest firebug and can see that portal-column-one,
> portal-column-content and portal-column-two are at the same top position.
> However, when they display, they are at three different heights.  I've tried
> changing the margins and even the padding and it is not working.  The
> website is still in development:  jschwenk.webfactional.com.

I'm not 100% sure I follow, but here goes...

Try looking at #portal-column-one .visualPadding  and #portal-column-two
.visualPadding. You probably only want padding settings on these, not
margins as well. I tend to apply margin settings to the parent classes, e.g.
#portal-column-one and #portal-column-two.

> When I look at the margins (purple in firebug), the top of the
> portal-column-content and portal-column-two are the same but they display at
> different heights.  I want them to display at the same height.

Do you mean the height of the columns should be the same, or are you saying
that the tops of the two columns need to line up horizontally? If you mean
the latter, removing the margin setting from #portal-column-one
.visualPadding should solve this problem.

> I also want to have a small (4 pixels or so) margin at the bottom between
> the bottom of the portals and the little brown line at the bottom so it
> looks consistent on each page.  The portal-column-content bottom edge
> displays differently depending on which page is loaded.  Sometimes it's
> butted up against the small brown line, other times it's 30 pixels high and
> other times there's a HUGE gap between the end of the content and the line
> at the bottom.

Can you give some sample URLs here?

If I read you right, the brown line at the bottom is set to display directly
above the #portal-footer, so if there isn't much content in
#portal-column-content, the brown line will appear just below the longest
column (often the left column).

> This is driving me nuts.  The theming book I ordered hasn't arrived yet but
> I've been reading the docs on plone.org.  Maybe I'm not searching for the
> right thing as I'm coming up empty-handed and I'm sure others have run into
> this.  It's probably something simple.  Can anyone point me in the correct
> direction?

If you can provide the URLs, it'll be easier to tell if this is just a CSS
issue or if it's more of a conceptual issue.


- Veda 

> Thanks in advance,
> Jeanie

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