[Plone-UI] Hide "created by" : desactivate the creator's name for content

Michael Krishtopa theo at ua.fm
Wed Jul 1 09:07:19 UTC 2009

erik kulvinskas wrote:

>> I would like to desactivage the creator's name for content, that says:
>> Created by ....
>> For each content, because I won't need this fonctionnality and I 
takes lot of place in the screen.
>> Does somebody have any link or idea ?
>> Thank you very much.
> Take a look at the CSS that controls that part of the display and then
> change the css to visible:hidden in that css class. We do this for 
our site
> and it works swimmingly!

visible:hidden - The element is invisible (but still takes up space)

Also you may use display:none for hide element, if you don't need to
save this element space.

Best regards,
Michael Krishtopa
Plone design and themes development

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