[Plone-UI] External links without world-icon

redCOR AG Gerhard Hug gerhard at redcor.ch
Wed Jan 7 15:00:38 UTC 2009


We migrated plone 2.5 to plone 3. In the content of the Version 2.5
there were external-links showing _no_ world-icon.
Now on plone 3 the world-icon appears. In the site setup i marked
'external-links' and 'external-link open in a new window'.
In the ploneCustom.css i added:

 #content a[href ^="http:"],
#content a.link-external {
background: transparent none !important;
color: #005AA5;
padding: 0;

So why is the world-icon shown? How can i do more to make disappear 
this icon?

Many thanks for the answer


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