[Plone-UI] Theming videos - might give us some ideas for plone.org

David Little david at littled.net
Thu Sep 25 08:23:08 UTC 2008

I think this is a very good idea.

I'd be quite happy in principle to have a go at doing something (video
/ documentation or both) that would deal with the general *process* of
theming (e.g. what steps you take to get from your PSD design / html
and css to a finished themed Plone site). I was thinking of a
reasonably high-level overview which might be of use to beginners
rather than anything in-depth (presuming of course nothing like this
exists at the moment).

Oh, and it would have to come with the caveats of it not being very
professional video-wise and not knowing exactly when I'd be able to do
it seeing as time is pretty tight at the moment :)


2008/9/19 Veda Williams <veda at onenw.org>:
> http://css-tricks.com/designing-for-wordpress-complete-series-downloads/
> At the very least, I think we should start writing scripts for these. I'm
> going to add this to the DC sprint to-do list, though it's likely a project
> that will carry on beyond the sprint itself.
> Anyone have any interest in doing some videos for Plone theming?
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David Little

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