[Plone-UI] Problems customizating the Navigation Portlet

Espen Moe-Nilssen espen at medialog.no
Wed Sep 24 13:59:25 UTC 2008

I dont have a plone site to test right now, but you could try

#portlet-navigation img {
display: none;

in a css-file (ploneCustom.css ?)

if nothing else works

Den 24. sep. 2008 kl. 15.47 skrev Augusto Camarotti:

> Well, that option remove the icons from all the portlets, inclusive  
> the news portlet.I just want to remove the icons from the  
> navigation porlet. By the way, the problem really is that i'm not  
> able to override the navigation template just customizing it at / 
> Plone/portal_view_customizations, it shows the highlight color in  
> the background of the name 'navigation.pt' demonstrating that I had  
> it costumized. There I sttriped the <img> tag in front of the  
> navigation items. But the portal stays the same, showing the folder  
> icons.
> Any clues?
> Augusto Camarotti
> On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 4:17 AM, Espen Moe-Nilssen  
> <espen at medialog.no> wrote:
> If you just want to remove the icons from the navigation, you can  
> do this in the skin control-panel (where you choose the theme).
> You might have to restart.
> Den 22. sep. 2008 kl. 23.42 skrev Augusto Camarotti:
>> Hi Everybody, this is my first post to the list.
>> I'm having problems trying to customizate the navigation portlet.  
>> The approach i'm taking is to access the /Plone/ 
>> portal_view_customizations to get access to the navigation.pt.
>> I made a TTW customization to the file(stripped the <img> tag of  
>> the navItem), restart my zope instance but it stayed the same.
>> What's missing?
>> I'm using Plone 3.1.5 with the Plone default theme,.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Augusto Camarotti
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