[Plone-UI] [hello world] and [idea]wire theme

Martin Stadler martin at siarp.de
Tue Sep 23 21:17:56 UTC 2008

Am 23.09.2008 um 07:15 schrieb Silvestre Marcelo Huens:

> Hi people:
> My name is Silvestre Huens (aka Quimera), I work with plone since
> almost 2 years now, (the major part in skinning).
> I'm looking for feedback of the community about and idea (wire  
> theme)...
> for me, skinning a theme is something enjoyable, (not at the beginning
> :P) , and i'm searching a way to improve the speed of the task, from
> there come the idea of make a "wire theme".
> Plone by default carries a considerable amount of CSS code. Most of it
> is intended to provide the style for the Plone default theme.
> The typical approach when developing custom themes have been to
> overwrite the default styles.
> This approach carries one problem (or maybe more):
> it generates redundant code that is anyway served to the browser
> (default code + overwriting code). Even for visually simple
> designs, the amount of overwriting needed is exceedingly high.
> The other approach is to reset or disable all default Plone styles;
> the amount of work resetting all the elements is prohibitive; Plone
> also has many elements that surface only under certain conditions, and
> the testing needed to ensure all style is in place would be far longer
> than the normal time for a skin development.
> the "wire theme":
> a CSS structure that lays out only the typical and/or most used  
> styles.
> This CSS structure would provide a simple, clean base for customized
> skin development, as it would take in charge of the most common used
> styles needed, but allowing a free theme development from there. No
> overwritings should be needed, or at least in no such extension as
> with the current default Plone CSS.
> This base CSS would be, well, basic. No colors, no specific visuals
> just the basics, "the wires". All needed for a site look like a site,
> but not like a Plone theme!
> this foundation could improve skin development efficiency by avoiding
> unnecessary overwriting of the code, and providing a more useful base
> for visually similar elements, instead of having several style
> declarations with the same or almost same styles.
> what are your thoughts about the idea?
> Is it worth it to invest time?
> Regards...
> Q.
> -- 
> www.menttes.com

How about setting up a paster template with the features youre talking  
about? This would be a great base for theme development while leaving  
the Plone experience for non-developers just as it is today.


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