[Plone-UI] Overriding style sheets - best practices

Veda Williams veda at onenw.org
Fri Sep 19 18:50:11 UTC 2008

I wanted to recap a conversation I had with David Convent the other day:

The plone3_theme recipe generates empty stylesheets in your skins folder if
you choose to override Plone's base stylesheets. A number of us felt that a
more appropriate choice would be to disable these stylesheets in the
cssregistry instead, and Trey Beck's ohtobe recipe that a few of us have
tried out does exactly that.

However, David pointed out that the CSS registry doesn't know anything about
IThemeSpecific. That means that if you layer more than one theme product on
top of a site, and one of those themes disables a base Plone stylesheet
using the CSS registry, it disables it for all themes applied to that site.

If you're going to layer your themes on top of each other, you should use
empty stylesheets if you want to override anything. If you know that you're
only going to have a single theme involved, it's ok to use the CSS registry.

For those of us that build on top of Plone's base stylesheets, this isn't
really an issue, but it's an important one to point out.

Thanks, David!

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