[Plone-UI] How easy is it to customise Plone, really?

Veda Williams veda at onenw.org
Wed Sep 17 18:45:25 UTC 2008

Default Plone does use a table layout, which in turns pulls in code that
renders the page. You can use a tableless layout if you want, which I
understand works pretty well in 3.0. It wasn't really supported in 2.0, but
I understand it worked ok.

Plone-2.0 uses a fairly complex main_template with some TAL / METAL
templating. This is where the table structure lives. On the plus side (in
terms of how easy it is for newbies), it uses templates that can be
customized fairly easily without knowing much programming. You can do it
easily through the web, too, if you don't have to deliver a filesystem

Plone 3.0+ is more complicated and more programmer-y. It relies on a slimmer
main_template and the idea of viewlets, which are snippets of code that you
have to wire into place with some boilerplate code.

Here's a 3.0 theme product that uses tableless:

On 9/17/08 11:14 AM, "Meyer, Erika" <MeyerEr at trimet.org> wrote:

> Sort of a related question... I thought I'd go in to fix some layout bugs on a
> customized plone site (a recent, but maybe not the latest, version of
> Plone)... thinking it would be a simple CSS layout, only to find a relatively
> complex table layout.  It appears that the default HTML is a table layout. ?
> I'm wondering how important the HTML tables are to Plone's functionality, and
> are there plans to change to a CSS-based layout?
> Thanks
> Erika
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> Depends on what level of customization do you wants...
> Simple to low-medium customizations or most of visual changes can be made
> only with css, but heavy (me, for example) you need at least algorithms
> knowledge...
> Katya wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm about to quote for a job which uses Plone so will need to get to grips
>> with it on some level. Now I'm a designer, absolutely nothing techie about
>> me - XHTML and CSS, yes, programming languages definitely not.
>> Can anyone tell me how easy it is for a non-techie to customise Plone? I
>> have read a couple of articles which suggest that with no programming
>> experience you are better off using the default XHTML template and simply
>> editing the CSS. Is this true?

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