[Plone-UI] Content only changes for users

Espen Moe-Nilssen espen at medialog.no
Wed Sep 17 09:45:42 UTC 2008

Dont think that what you want is 100% possible.

• There is not really a difference between modifying a word and  
deleting stuff (often someone has written a word twice in a row  
anyway and one of them has to be removed)

Maybe you could do this:

1) Add a css-file with classes "below kupu" (like .kupu strong {font- 
weight: normal) to remove "layout".
2) Hide objects that you dont want them to see/edit ( .kupu img  
{display: none;}

By the way: I know that this is possible in my (print) layout-program  
so maybe if there are similar products for web-design, you could open  
the file with external-editor.

Den 17. sep. 2008 kl. 11.34 skrev Felipe Aramburu:

> That is not a bad idea actually! I could just remove the menu. The  
> only problem is that I also want them to only be able to modify  
> words and they can still delete sections of the page and stuff like  
> that. It is pretty much impossible unless I have all the text in  
> some kind of a database and they can only edit the text parts  
> through some kind of interface but then I have to put everything on  
> the page into a database and make the interface which also sounds  
> unreasonable. Thanks for your input though.
> Felipe
> Espen Moe-Nilssen wrote:
>> Den 17. sep. 2008 kl. 09.03 skrev Espen Moe-Nilssen:
>>> Not exactly sure of what you are asking about here: Do you mean  
>>> that they should not be able to use any styles (bold/italic) and  
>>> not beeing able to add an image to the body text?
>>> That might be a bit difficult, your "nearest solution" is  
>>> probably to remove the "kupu-menu" for some users
>>> Den 16. sep. 2008 kl. 18.54 skrev Veda Williams:
>>>> Hi there,
>>>> Yes, you can add a role that restricts what they can do. You can  
>>>> even do
>>>> this on a folder by folder basis.
>>>> Here's the basics on what you need to know permission-wise:
>>>> http://plone.org/documentation/tutorial/understanding-permissions
>>>> And here's a sample of how you can apply it:
>>>> http://learnplone.org/documentation/tutorial/giving-a-user- 
>>>> permissions-creat
>>>> ing-groups-adding-users-to-groups
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> - Veda
>>>> On 9/16/08 7:55 AM, "smashdeck67" <felipearamburu at gmail.com  
>>>> <mailto:felipearamburu at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>>>> Are there any add ons or methods wherein I could have one type  
>>>>> of user that
>>>>> can modify content but not layout? I only want some people able  
>>>>> to modify
>>>>> the layout of the site but I want to give access to others to  
>>>>> be able to
>>>>> change the content without being able to modify any html or  
>>>>> layout options.
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