Re[Plone-UI] move auhor links

Veda Williams veda at
Wed Sep 10 18:36:22 UTC 2008

You'll likely have to modify all of the views where that appears. That would
include document_view, newsitem_view, etc. Just remove it from the template.
You probably shouldn't do this unless you really need to get rid of the
information -- it just sets you up for migration issues in the future.


- Veda

On 9/10/08 10:58 AM, "diegorubert" <diegorubert at> wrote:

> Hi!
> Sorry by te simple question, but I don't find it anywhere: how to remove
> author link (and name) on news, pages,... ? I could hide them using
> "display:none", but still apears on source-code... so I need really remove
> them. Any idea?
> I'm using Plone 3.
> Thanks!

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