[Plone-UI] "More news...", <dd class="portletFooter"> disappeared

Veda Williams veda at onenw.org
Wed Oct 15 18:06:34 UTC 2008

Hmmm... Do you have any CSS hiding in the custom folder that might be
supressing the footer?

What happens when you move the smart folder back to its original location?

I'm not really sure what the TAL is doing there. Why not insert a <dd> tag
into the NOT condition and see if it renders?

You may also want to export your generic setup (site setup) for portlets and
see what it gives you. Maybe there's some conflict happening.


- Veda 

On 10/15/08 10:29 AM, "Kevin Harvey" <kevin.harvey at vanderbilt.edu> wrote:

> It works totally fine when I apply it to a vanilla Plone instance. Weird,
> huh?
> Here's another puzzle piece: I moved the News smart folder to an interior
> folder. Could that have broken the view/all_news_link declaration? Where can
> I set that address?

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