[Plone-UI] Re: IE 6 gif transparency problem

Sven Passig sven at passig.net
Wed Apr 9 07:58:27 UTC 2008

Hi Alexander,

> There was a bug in the setup that caused PIL not to preserve  
> transparency when rescaling images. This has since been fixed. I'm  
> pretty sure it has nothing to do with the extension — but of course  
> I could be wrong. :)

Firefox and Safari had no problems with the rescaled images.

But thanks to your hint I figured out the real case of the problem.  
PIL seams to convert GIF images into PNG images. When I download a  
preview version of my image the image editor of my choice told me,  
that it's a png image but the original file is a GIF (in original size  
it looks good in IE).

I search a little bit in the plone documentation but can't figure out  
where I can change that behavior.
By the way, I use the Plone 3.0.6

thanks a lot


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