[Plone-UI] Re: Plone 3.0.1 - Viewlets - adding new viewlets - update procedure

Christian Ullrich chris at chrullrich.net
Wed Oct 31 08:46:54 UTC 2007

Emmanuel SOULOUMIAC wrote:

> I change my! viewlets.xml to :

>     <order manager="plone.portalfooter" skinname="Mandarine"        
>         based-on="Plone Default">
>       <viewlet name="example.credits" insert-before="plone.colophon" />
>     </order> 

> After uninstallation of my product/restart zope/product reinstallation
> the viewlets is not correctly order on my web page. Any suggestion ?

If you're not already doing that, you need to explicitly import the viewlet
configuration in portal_setup. Simply reinstalling the product is not

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