[Plone-UI] Display Only Select Items in Horizontal Global Navigation

Sean Cavanaugh (scavanau) scavanau at cisco.com
Mon Oct 29 18:02:14 UTC 2007

I think on plone.org there is an entry already written about that...
I have my site doing it right now, if you can't find it unicast me and I
will help you out later

(it really is an easy option)


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In Plone 3.0.2, I want to pick and choose what gets displayed in the
horizontal global navigation bar in the portal header, not just have it
reflect each top section of the site. Before I mess with templates, I
to make sure there isn't a simple control somewhere either in Plone Site
Setup or the ZMI that will acheive what I want. Is there anything of
nature that I'm missing?

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