[Plone-UI] Re: Hide News, Events tabs... again

Balazs Ree ree at ree.hu
Tue Oct 9 12:39:52 UTC 2007

Dear Ákos,

On Tue, 09 Oct 2007 04:08:29 -0700, Hajnal wrote:

> I want to hide News and Events tabs from anonymous visitors.
> Is there any way to do this without doing magics via ZMI (I am a
> newbie), as it can be done with the Users folder (Edit>Settings>Exclude
> from navigation)?

It's possible from the ZMI, I don't know if it's possible avoiding ZMI.

> (These folders are too smartfolders for me, exclude from navigation does
> not seem to have effect in the case of News and Events...)

> Site setup>Navigation Settings>Automatically generate tabs off does it,
> but I cannot display
> tabs for other folders later.

You can add new ones from the ZMI, site/portal_actions/portal_tabs. Setup 
is pretty straightforward from there imo. (You may also need a condition 
to show it only for authenticated users.)

> I read this forum, but the solutions seemed to be too complicated for
> this very common task
> (first to-do at tailoring).

Please post similar questions, which are off topic here, to the plone-
users list (or the Hungarian Plone user's mailing list) in the future.

Balazs Ree

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