[Plone-UI] Re: skin per folder

J Cameron Cooper jccooper at rice.edu
Tue May 29 16:01:57 UTC 2007

Xavi Rubio wrote:
> Hi,  I'm trying to do the same (using a different logo for each folder), but
> I can't manage to make this work. I put a logo.jpg on my folder (i.e. if the
> folder is http://localhost/foo, I have uploaded an image from ZMI to 'foo'
> folder) a well as a ploneCustom.css stylesheet marking where is the
> background for this folder:
> #portal-logo {
>     background: url(&dtml-portal_url;/foo/&dtml-logoName;) no-repeat;
>     border: 0;
>     margin: 0.75em 0em 0.75em 1.5em;
>     padding: 0;
> }
> What I'm doing wrong? Any ideas?

Remember that CSS files are processed in their own request, and usually 
are fetched from the root of the site instead of the current path. If 
you load

will load


will load

The only way to get a CSS file to retrieve information from the context 
is to make sure it's called in context. So that

will load

This requires changes to the machinery that fetches the CSS. I think 
it's usually easier to switch skins; I think there's a recipe on 
zopelabs for that.


> David Bear wrote:
>> I googled for "plone skin per folder" and found a LOT of hits. Looking at
>> the first few I came upon subplone. I've installed it, but can't seem to
>> find what it really does - at least ttw. It talks about providing new
>> mixin
>> classes, but thats beyond what I really want.
>> What I really want is a way to reset certain skin properties on a per
>> folder
>> basis. So for example, at the root of my plone site I would find the
>> logo.jpg that existed in plone skins custom folder. But when I decend into
>> a folder to 'SubUnit', then plone would like in a SubUnit/folder location
>> for logo.jpg -- and of course all the other items that normally live in
>> the
>> custom folder.
>> Beyond that, it would also be great to fully switch the skin that is used
>> on
>> a per folder basis.
>> Any recommendations?

"Building Websites with Plone"

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