[Plone-UI] Plone, restructured text, STX and CSS

Dave Turvene dturvene at comcast.net
Wed Mar 21 18:08:57 UTC 2007

I'm a big fan of ReST and do as much writing in it as I can.  I'm also a big fan
of Plone and use it to publish my ReST documents.  Therein lies the rub because
the two seem to have a limited relationship as demonstrated in plone ticket 4292.

When I load a ReST document, the CSS .stx classes in authoring.css.dtml are used
to render the page.  For ReST tables, the top and right border is not displayed.
 After playing around with the CSS, I finally got the borders display by putting
the following in the css file of my skin:

.stx table th {
    border-left: &dtml-borderWidth; &dtml-borderStyle; &dtml-globalBorderColor;;

.stx table td {
    border-top: &dtml-borderWidth; &dtml-borderStyle; &dtml-globalBorderColor;;

These additions seem to be necessary for ReST inside a Plone site, and probably
others.  My questions are:

1) What are good CSS development tools?  I use WebDeveloper in Firefox but find
I need to search through a lot of CSS to locate and prototype changes.

2) What is the CSS philosophy I should be following to use ReST in Plone? 
Continue with .stx class extensions or create new CSS classes based on the a
.docutils class?

Dave Turvene

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