[Plone-UI] a small problem and a fix on plone_control_panel

Rob Porter zope at psu.edu
Fri Jan 26 19:45:43 UTC 2007

If left_slots is empty then on the plone_control_panel page the main 
content area collides with the left slot

After the body tag put a css slot tag overriding the hidecolumns so 
there is space for the left slot like so
<tal:comment tal:replace="nothing">[Added space for column one if 
nothing is in the left_slots]</tal:comment>
<div metal:fill-slot="css_slot">
    <div tal:define="global hidecolumns string:visualColumnHideTwo" />

I have no idea how to add this to plone.  I am pretty sure this is a 
good solution. Any thoughts?

Rob Porter

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